These prints were printed using the CMYK process, printing four plates (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) one after the other using transparent inks, to create the final image.

The work examines the notion of borders as 'non-places'; an in-between space defined by the act of passing through. The source photograph was taken on one of my journeys'; a cycling trip from Dunkirk to the Hook of Holland. This image was a snapshot I took of an idyllic landscape that I later realised contained within it an invisible border line between Belgium and the Netherlands. In these works, borders appear as both topographical features of the landscape and as a broader exploration of form and space.

'Passing Through Non-Place' (2017) Multi-Plate Photopolymer Intaglio Print (68cm x 48.5cm) Edition of 8
"Rust Fade" (2017) Multi-Plate Photopolymer Intaglio Print (33 x 43.5cm) Edition of 20